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The existence of dogs in the family extends for several decades but only in 1995 had the privilege of knowing the Serra de Aires Dog. Our family has created an enormous empathy and a passion for the breed and we were feeding the dream of one day we'll have our Serra de Aires Dogs.
For 12 years, I followed the breed as best I could ... I had daily contact with several dogs and constant, read everything about the breed followed the development and dissemination of it and talked to some breeders who are always available to show any information, clarification and visit.

The fascination for the breed increased day by day. And the fact of realizing that the breed was not good made me create goals that I still try to achieve so this way the breed continues to be preserved but also disclosed.

But only in 2007 became possible to purchase our first Serra de Aires Dog.
In 2008, we decided to purchase a female wolf gray color but only became possible in 2010 due to shortage of dogs of this color. There were several trips to the Alentejo, in the hope of seeing Litters and dogs of this color.

Our dogs live with the family and have an area of 1000 meters. During the day they can run, play, jump, roll, and live free and healthy. Our dogs share all areas of family, since part of it, however well aware of the rules prescribed for different situations.
Serra dos Pastores Kennel is (kennel name recognized by the CPC, the Federation International Kennel FCI) born in the 90s, and later created the affix in 2010, aiming to breed Serra de Aires Dogs.
We intend to contribute to the preservation, retrieval and dissemination of the Portuguese breed, because we are certain of the qualities of the fantastic gene to be maintained and worked.
When you visit our site, you may know the breed, monitor its development, access to photos, news, projects and articles related to the Serra de Aires Dog.

Alexandra Magalhães.