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The Portuguese Sheepdog School, was a project originally scheduled for the academic year 2011/2012. But at the request of a school, is anticipated during the academic year 2010/2011. This challenging project consists in publicizing the breed, with the students of 1st and 2nd cycle and may be extended to other cycles of education.
Dogs will visit students at schools, and students in turn, will know this Portuguese breed.

Beforehand, teachers will have access to all information in digital format (characteristics of the breed, pictures and videos) will be assigned worksheets also alluding to the breed (for the disciplines of the Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Civics and Area
Project) for their years of schooling.

Will be given to teachers and students an informational flyer about animal rights as well as the safety rules to have dogs inside and outside the home.

On the day the dogs go to school, an approach is performed on the breed, students viewing a short video, can interact closely with the dogs and put all the doubts.

If the school has some physical conditions that we consider important and want to secure the dogs, both for the students, there is the possibility of holding a small demonstration of Agility (using only three obstacles).

Our first presentation of breed in schools, was held on 4 October 2010 (World Animal Day) at the School of Montebello EB1 in Porto. Thank you for the invitation and the collaboration of all students in the classes of the 4th Year as well as their teachers
Marília Ferraz e Elisabete Pereira). (See Photos bellow).

At the end of the presentation of the breed, all students and teachers receive a surprise/reminder of the Portuguese Sheepdog.

During 2012, other presentations are already scheduled at various schools.

We will give all information and clarifications about the project through e-mails:

alexandramagalhaes7@hotmail.com  serradospastores@gmail.com