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The Serra de Aires Dog, due to their characteristics highlighted above, these characteristics also shared by most shepherds, should be transferred to society and to this extent the relationship between dog and owner / family is healthy and satisfying.
The Serra de Aires Dog is extremely intelligent (this feature, unknown by most people) and is therefore easy to train a dog, making it obedient.
Even before we get our first Serra de Aires Dog, it was our intention to enter it into a training center and get a job-oriented and organized.
Thus, and after the coming of our male decided to join the group training with the Canine Training Center (North CICNORTE). The choice of school has been thorough, since we would like to see our dogs to be trained with positive practices and to feel welcomed by the training itself, the space and the entire surroundings.
We identify from the outset with the objectives of Cicnorte and even today we stay there, making four weekly training sessions with our dogs.
We share the idea with Cicnorte that "An obedient dog is a happy dog."

In addition to weekly training sessions in Cicnorte, do other daily activities with our dogs to socialize in order to further to strengthen our relationship with them and who thus can give them the best life possible and always with great satisfaction with lots of fun to the mix.
We tried to make medium and long walks with them, always seeking to diversify the local and organizing them.

For tricks, was something that started with our male and which was very positive in our relationship with him, because the dog loves to learn new things, likes to show off their skills and never get tired to please us.
Do not think it is a breed of excellence for this type of situation, however, has shown tremendous ability in this direction.

Happy Dog = Happy Owner = Happy Dog