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We will have an occasional litter. Not intend to make several consecutive Litters.
The dogs are home raised and not kennel and permanently accompanied by any family member and supervised by our veterinarian. We can provide all the attention, affection and socialization techniques necessary and essential to their growth and development of each dog.

The dogs can only leave for a new family from 8 to 10 weeks, through its state of development.
Prior to this output, each dog is subjected to various challenges, so this way there is a development of their different capacities and to further its adaptation is quite healthy.
- We tried every dog has contact with as many people from very varied ages;
- They should eat in different places and in different bowls, alone and together;
- We want every dog can overcome various challenges (walking on different floors, up and down stairs, passing through tight spots, among many others);
- The outputs to the street, and visits to different locations, we aim to accustom the dog to ride in a car within their carrier, walk on lead, hear new sounds, other people see and feel new smells.

The dog goes home to the new family with:
- Medical certificate;
- Immunisation;
- Dewormed;
- International Passport ;
- Microchip (on behalf of new owner);
- Provisional LOP;
- Kit for Dogs (1 leash, bag ration of 2 kg, 1 packet of biscuits, a feeder, a drinker, an identification plate (to put on a leash) and various toys are still some surprises.
- Pen or CD with pictures and videos of puppies and parents.

We look for knowledgeable owners of the breed conscious, responsible, caring, and daily availability for proper education/socialization, so this way it will meet both parties.
We give full assistance to the new family dog with respect to questions or clarifications.

- We do not sell dogs to commercial breeders, shops, brokers, hotels or kennels.

Litter planned to 2012.