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We decided that in July 2011 (days 13 and 14), was the ideal time and especially for having our first litter ... G` Anda Nóia da Casa do Seareiro & Carlito D`Aires da Serra. .
After one month we had the confirmation of pregnancy Nóia. Two months of gestation were calm, but always with surveillance for major complications.
On September 11, 2011, by the early morning hours, and always with the accompaniment of our vet, the dogs began to grow ... A fast and easy birth, since for the 11 hours in the morning, as the 8 puppies were born, five females and three males.
After the birth of the puppies and throughout the day, Nóia showed a great happiness to its offspring.
After three days, despite several attempts one of our female eventually die.
zeitona, Alentejana, Ameijoa, Abóbora, Amendoim, Alecrim e Açafrão, the names were chosen and approved by the whole family, for this first litter.
The litter was watched and followed 24 hours a day for family members and by our vet, so this way they could grow and develop healthily.
From the five/six weeks, all dogs began to play in our garden, and from this time also began socializing all the work we feel necessary.
The first litter was a dream and a project that has persecuted us a few years ... Every moment spent with the dogs, will be in memory of the whole family and friends who accompanied them.
Created with taste, passion and love, in order to preserve and select healthy dogs with excellent temperaments.