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This litter was conceived and planned, since we had some reservations several months in advance, of our families who liked dogs. The family waited and watched whether the pregnancy or the birth of Nóia litter, and day after day, would see photos and videos of all dogs.
The contact between us and the families and even among the respective owners of the dogs began to be daily, causing the bonds of friendship.
Ameijoa, was the first female to go to the family. It went out of our home at 10 weeks, on November 20, 2011, and moved to Holland. Was our first export.
At 12 weeks, on December 3, 2011, meet the other families in a nice lunch for everyone knew each other personally and we saw our puppies leave for new homes, the
Abóbora, o Alecrim, o Amendoim e o Açafrão.
We decided that the Alentejo and Azeitona, would stay here at home to live together in the company of their parents.
On Facebook, has created a private page, for the families of our dogs, the fathers of our siblings and even our vet who deserves our affection for all that kept us availability. On this page, all owners have contact with each other, exchange opinions, questions, information on methods of obedience training, photos, videos, among other things that prove important for everyone and for our dogs. This has been sharing daily, which makes us all very happy, since one of our major objectives is also to monitor the entire growth and development of our puppies throughout their lives. See photos of the families below.